Doris Tenedi is the first Bulgarian school with a complete, modern concept for secondary education. An element of this concept is the language training system. Our students complete their secondary education with three foreign languages - English and German at language school level, French, Spanish or Russian at communicative level, German language diploma, British certificates for the English language level and excellent general education with an emphasis on the Bulgarian language and mathematics. The school has one of the best teams of teachers, some of them with impressive academic experience. With their help, students gradually form elements of scientific thinking and systematic approach to work. The training is conducted in a calm, stress-free environment, but with clear rules of order and high requirements. We have some of the best results in Bulgaria.

In preschool and first grade, children are admitted based on a school readiness test. This test assess the degree of development of fine motor skills, concentration, and stability of attention, mastery of elementary concepts, psychological readiness and more. The specifics of the full-time learning regime require these psycho-physiological skills to be developed to a sufficient degree so that the child can understand and permanently memorise the entire learning content within the normal learning process. In all secondary stage classes, new students are accepted based on tests in their first foreign language, Bulgarian language and mathematics, provided that there is a free place in the class. The reception is individual and takes place on a pre-arranged date and time. A positive reference from the previous school is also required. We do not allow conflict situations, obstruction of the learning process and the accumulation of unexcused absences.

We strive for our fee to be acceptable for a wide range of parents, without negatively affecting the quality of the learning process. The main reasons for the change in the cost are the increase in the prices for the maintenance of the school and the remuneration of the team.

The annual fee for students from preschool to seventh grade includes all costs related to the regular full-time education of the student (from 8.00 to 16.00), intensive study of English, learning a second foreign language from V grade, preparation for obtaining international language certificates, obtaining computer literacy, consultations, compulsory sports activities (including swimming and choreography), lunch and afternoon breakfast, medical care, security, etc. The annual fee in the high school stage includes all expenses related to the regular half-day education of the student, intensive study of English or German, learning a second foreign language from IX grade, consultations, assistance in obtaining international language certificates, computer literacy, medical service, security, etc.

You can get in touch with the school by e-mail, telephone or pre-arranged meetings with management or team members. This way, parents receive complete information about the organisation of the activity, the specific requirements and the development of the student. Twice a year, parents receive the results of the pedagogical diagnostics of the primary school students and information about the performance and assessments of the high school students. The school management is grateful to the parents for any information related to the learning process.

There are clear rules of conduct and discipline in the school. At the beginning of each school year, parents and students get to know them. The team monitors compliance with these rules, and in case of violation, appropriate sanctions are imposed, including, for gross violations, dismissal from school. The building is equipped with an access control system and full video surveillance.

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