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Dear parents and students,

The time we live in is a real challenge for parents and for students. The world is in a period of dynamic changes of structures, connections and relations, which require new thinking and places important tasks for an adequate education and upbringing of young generations - the generations of the new century.

When making their choice, the parents should take into account the possibilities and perspectives, that the school offers for the development of their child. To find out exactly what they want for their child, parents need to ask a few fundamental questions:

  • Is the school's tuition concept in line with the European Standards?
  • Does the school have an academic approach, based on the most up to date pedagogical requirements?
  • What are the priorities and what more would this school gives to the students than other schools.
  • Does the school offer the flexibility for personal planning of the tuition process?
  • Do the methods of tuition motivate the students to learn?
  • What's is the atmosphere in the school?
  • Do the teachers and tutors comply with today's requirements in personal and professional aspect?

Receiving a positive answer to all of these questions, the parents can be sure that they have made the right choice for their child.



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