Aesthetic and cultural components in education

Aesthetic education and upbringing of students at Doris Tenedi School are one of the main priorities in the work of the team, which is an essential foundation for their development as individuals and as young people with a rich culture. To achieve this goal, the school invests more study time in several main areas:

Music culture

Building a lasting interest in music and the need to communicate with it. Enriching the musical culture of the students and developing their musical and artistic taste. Developing musical abilities and stimulating spontaneous children's artistry in the many activities organised at the school.




  • The program includes classes in painting, graphics, sculpture, applied arts and design, with the primary goal of acquiring visual literacy and expressiveness of artistic creativity.
  • In the process of education, a general idea of the materials and means of expression of the different genres in the fine arts is built, an emotional attitude to the content of the works is formed.
  • The learning process in fine arts is differentiated by age groups and individualised according to the interests and abilities of students.
  • The best works are presented at international and national competitions and exhibitions.
  • Additional individual and collective classes in painting and applied arts are organised for the interested students.

Choreography and classical ballet

The training in choreography and classical ballet forms in the children a feeling and a feeling for the modern dance, for the Bulgarian folklore and the classical world dance and musical heritage. This is achieved through:

  • mastering motor habits and skills, coordination and finesse in performing dance movements, developing a sense of rhythm and musicality,
  • formation of artistic taste, grace and manners of behaviour,
  • developing the imagination and the ability for own dance improvisation on a musical work,
  • acquisition of dance and stage practice, conduct and plasticity, mastering and performing choreographic miniatures.

Theatrical art

 The school has formed several creative teams in different age groups, which prepare and present adapted theatrical productions.

The success of the performances is due to the atmosphere that the students create - they are directors, set designers, music designers and choreographers - they are everything that makes the school theatre - a theatre of love and friendship.

An essential feature of the artistic component of the training in "Doris Tenedi" is the synthesis between arts - music, dance and speech. In this way, students become aware of the unity of the creative process and the harmony between its individual parts. This synthesis is achieved through the joint work of teachers of music and choreography and finds expression in the preparation and stage performance of works that require both accurate intonation and artistic and plastic performance. One of the main goals of the school is to create favourable conditions for finding talented children and for their individual development.

Annual concerts of Doris Tenedi School