In our school, personality development is a top priority.

The main goals in the development of a young person are a good education, knowledge of several foreign languages, excellent computer literacy, upbringing and social skills.

The big challenge is to form children as large-scale personalities, to achieve the highest educational level of students and to build them as individuals with maximum competitiveness.

The goal is one - to achieve the highest educational level of students and build them as individuals with maximum competitiveness at the end of their secondary education.

Our priorities are:

  •  Building a system for elite education and upbringing,
  •  Professionalism in training,
  •  Pragmatism and continuous regulation of the learning process,
  •  Creative interpretation and optimisation of educational content,
  •  Building morale and developing virtues in students,
  •  The continuous motivation of students,
  •  Integration of general education and foreign language training while preserving national identity,
  •  Conducting the training in a calm, stress-free and protected environment with clear rules and high requirements.

We believe that to ensure the successful realisation of young people, upon completion of their secondary education they should speak at least two foreign languages, a third language at a communicative level, have the relevant international language diplomas and certificates and comprehensive general education preparation.

Upon completion of their secondary education, Doris Tenedi School students speak English and German at a language school level - they have English certificates and a German language diploma, which allows them to continue their education anywhere in the world.

Another goal is to maintain an atmosphere in which students can achieve high academic results, to build critical thinking, to develop their gifts and talents, to have high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Along with the building of quality academic knowledge, students participate in charitable initiatives, gain the confidence to speak in front of large groups of people and free stage behaviour, they are encouraged to take responsibility, be proactive, and learn social skills.

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