Doris Tenedi School lives with the intellectual, social and emotional needs of its students. It seeks to form healthy, independent and spiritually rich individuals, confident in their own strength, empathetic to social needs.

The building of the spiritual and value system of the students is achieved through the learning process, which includes:

  • in-depth knowledge of Bulgarian traditions,
  • acquaintance with Christian art as a major part of European and world culture,
  • forming a sense of national and European identity,
  • fostering a sense of tolerance for differences between people.

On their own initiative and with the support of teachers and management, Doris Tenedi students develop a wide range of charitable activities. They donate food, clothes and toys to their peers from orphanages and most of all, their empathy and compassion. Every year actions are held to help the needy, victims of disasters and accidents, disadvantaged people. Since its establishment, Doris Tenedi School has been a program partner of the Bulgarian Red Cross, actively supporting its activities on various projects.

The school has serious recognition for the results of the joint activity from the management of the Bulgarian Red Cross.
The school systematically receives the gratitude of the team of the President of Bulgaria for the active participation in the Bulgarian Christmas.

Combining national traditions with the values of other countries and peoples

Doris Tenedi School has a system for celebrating events and holidays, combining the Bulgarian national tradition with the customs of other countries and peoples. Preserving their national identity, students become acquainted with the cultural traditions of the countries whose languages they are learning so that they can feel comfortable anywhere in the world.

The solemn opening of the school year

The most anticipated holiday, especially for first graders, is the grand opening of the school year. With a bell decorated with geranium, with water splashed from a copper cup and "Many summers", the school solemnly welcomes its graduates, who for the first time cross its threshold.

Christmas holidays

With great excitement and trepidation, the students prepare a festive Christmas concert. They greet Santa Claus with Christmas songs and dances, handmade whey, and bread. On this day parents and students organise a large culinary exhibition.



With egg painting and a charity event, students prepare for the Easter holidays.                                                                                                           


Festive concert

Since its inception, the school has organised a festive concert on the big stage. In recent years, it has been held on the stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. More than 400 students come out to present themselves and their performances. The hall full of parents and official guests applauds and supports the children's performances. For the last 20 years, our students have performed on the stages of the Ivan Vazov National Theater, the National Palace of Culture, the Sofia Opera and Ballet, the Bulgarian Army Theater, the Sofia Theater and the Central Military Club.

Annual concerts of Doris Tenedi School

Ceremony for solemn awarding of diplomas for completed secondary education


At a solemn ceremony, dressed in academic gowns, successful school leavers receive their high school diplomas in the presence of parents and many guests. Each graduate receives an honorary diploma from the school, and the excellent students are awarded the Doris Tenedi Gold Medal. There is a cocktail party after the ceremony.

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