The most significant advantage of Doris Tenedi Language School is that it owns the building where it is based, maintaining:

  •  Bright and spacious classrooms
  •  Computer rooms
  •  Science classrooms
  •  Language classrooms
  •  Video halls
  •  Multimedia room
  •  Cabinet of fine arts
  •  Library
  •  Gym
  •  Indoor swimming pool
  •  Theater hall
  •  Choreographic hall
  •  Tennis court and a football field with the most modern European flooring
  •  Green areas for play
  •  Recreation and dining rooms, often used for birthday celebrations and parties
  •  Atrium
  •  Doctor’s office

The computer rooms and the classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia computer systems.

To ensure security, the school has 24-hour security, state-of-the-art video surveillance and access control systems.

The school offers students transport from home to school and back, executed by a transport company.

For students from I to VII grade, the school provides a morning drink and two meals a day, corresponding to the physiological needs of the developing body.

Students are provided with medical care by a nurse.

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  • Phones: +359 889 10 39 01, +359 889 11 37 00

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