In 2001 "Doris Tenedy" school joined and started the elaboration of an educational project called "FROM BARTER TO EURO" under Comenius Programme of National Agency Socrates. The duration of the project is supposed to be two years. The project aims at the encouragment of collaboration and partnership among the countries-participants, based on mutual planned and coordinated work, as well as a permanent information exchange, in accordance to the main topic of the project.

Another purpose is to explain the historic development and the origin of monetary commodity relations, the main stages of their development, the national particularities, reflected in the contribution of different European countries to this process. Our school gave the chance to many students to take part in the project because the active participation of the students in all aspects of the project such as planning, completion and assessment of the activities is the key word of this project.

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Last update July 22, 2002, Doris-Tenedy School