The educational project "DEVELOPING EUROPEAN CONSCIOUSNESS WITH YOUNG PEOPLE" under the Comenius Programme of the Socrates National Agency started in the 2001/2002 school year, Doris-Tenedy School The duration of the project is planned to be three years.

The aims of the project are to make students aware of being EU citizens, to learn about other European countries, their cultural background, regional characteristics, historical heritage, lifestyles and educational systems (especially of the other partners in the project); through encouragement of collaboration and partnership among the participating countries based on mutually planned and coordinated work, as well as permanently exchanging information according to the main topic of the project.

Another project purpose is to enable young people to make conscious decisions about EU expanding and to teach them how to act in the new environment, after new countries join the EU. The project also aims at explaining national particularities of European countries and showing their contribution to this process.

Apart from direct participation in the project, as well as the exchange of workgroups, the project aims at getting acquainted with different cultures, attitudes, lifestyles and improving and gaining proficiency of the foreign languages studied at school and also to develop such qualities as tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Last update July 18, 2002, Doris-Tenedy School