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'Doris-Tenedi' - the benchmark in education

Doris Tenedi School is registered during 1994 initially as a school with intensive learning of English language. During 1998 Doris Tenedi acquires a full license and is the first private school that forms a full closed cycle of tuition from preparatory class to 12th grade with English and German language high schools.

Our new school building

Doris Tenedi School stands out from all other private schools in Bulgaria on many factors.

Let's start with the fact that during 1994 Doris Tenedi develops a unique complete concept for secondary education. This concept consists of everything that a student would need to acquire in order to be competitive during their full tuition period and to be guaranteed a successful academic realization after graduating the school.
The old School building

Doris Tenedi School has limited admissions. Each year the schools admits one preparatory class (age of 6 years old - up to 8 children), one first class (age of 7 years old - up to 16 children), one English division after 7th grade ( up to 24 students) and one German division after 7th grade (up to 24 students). The school would accept students in classes not mentioned above only if there are any available places. By doing this school is aiming to achieve a more intensive preparation, which gives the possibility for a serious individual work and at each moment the teacher knows the current level of each child and where necessary, the teacher would provide the required help. Regardless of the strong interest towards the school, it has not changed this principle and suspends admissions once classes are full.
After graduating, Doris Tenedi students have sound mastery in English and German languages and can communicate freely in a third language. During their education students are prepared and acquire German language diploma, which gives them the possibility to further their education in German speaking countries, they also acquire English certificates TOEFL, SAT1 and SAT2. Special attention is also given to the general education of students, with intensive education in mathematics and IT.

Doris Tenedi's teachers are a team of professionals, which all schools dream for. The team consists of many leading specialists from Sofia University 'Climent Ohridski', the National Academy of Sciences and from the elite schools in Sofia.

Together with the language and bilingual preparation in the normal study process, we purposefully prepare our students for the acquisition of the most prestigious international certificates like - 'Pitman', 'Oxford', 'Cambridge', 'TOEFL', 'SAT', 'DaF', 'DELE' and others.
Parallel with the high level of education we strongly and purposefully work towards the upbringing of our students. The development of a good personality is a cult in the school. The understanding in the school is that the possession of three fundamental keys (the best education, a few foreign languages, and excellent computer knowledge) is a necessity, yet not enough for prosperity and achievement. The great challenge is to form personalities.

That is why Doris Tenedi students have so many awards of national and international competitions and Science Olympics, and unprecedented for Bulgaria results, on international tests.
The aim is one - achievement of highest educational level for students and their development as personalities with maximum competitiveness in the graduation of their secondary education.
Successful academic realization of Doris Tenedi graduates all over the world is a proof that this aim has been achieved.

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