Education of natural sciences, mathematics and social disciplines

The main task of natural sciences, mathematics and social disciplines education is the formation of a true perception of the world we live in, by studying how it was created, how it exists and how it develops; the interconnection within the living and non-living matter; the society.

The aims of this education are defined by scientific and social aspects.

Foreign Languages Study
Bulgarian Language and Literature
Natural and Social Studies
Computer Education
Aesthetics, Artistics and creativity
Physical Education

Spiritual and Value Systems



The scientific aspect presumes:

  • Acquiring a system of scientific knowledge (terminology, phenomena, facts, laws of nature, theories and methods in science, etc.);

  • Forming elements of scientific approach in order to solve tasks of educational, imaginative and practical nature;

  • Developing of logical thinking, observation skills, and habits for use of specialised literature in order to study and discuss various tasks;

  • Ability to trace cause and effect relations for analysing processes and phenomena.


The social aspect is closely related to the general education at Doris Tenedi School, and includes:

  • Oral and writing skills; collecting, interpreting and presenting scientific information in a foreign language;
  • Preparation for attending and studying in Universities


The curriculum of natural sciences, mathematics and social disciplines of Doris Tenedi School fully covers the required volume of knowledge and skills, included in the educational programme for high schools in the country. However the curriculum differs strongly in the Social Aspect:

  1. The traditional teaching approach of simple presentation and description of facts is replaced by a creative, task-orientated such. This encourages the students to be more pragmatic, hence imply their knowledge every day, and thus enliven it. This approach is applied from the first to the last grade. It allows both teachers and students to interpret the subjects creatively by including lots of individual work and creative activities corresponding to the pupils' age and subjects. The fundamental means of education - the arts of reading, writing, understanding, speaking and numbers - are a firm cornerstone in our educational process, where students improve every consecutive year.
  2. 2. In order to create a highly beneficial surrounding for the academic and social accomplishment of our pupils, we have introduced a combined, bilingual teaching method for natural sciences, mathematics and social disciplines in the high school course. Education in the mother tongue leads to firm knowledge; the foreign language improves it and eases interpretation. This approach allows us to structure the course of study in a very productive way, as well as choose the best educational systems available. Thus, the social aspect of education at Doris Tenedi School is covered at most.

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