What do students acquire in Doris Tenedi School?

Our aim is a complex development of the students as personalities with maximum competitiveness after graduation.

To achieve this aim we have developed own concept for elite education and upbringing. The concept is based on the good traditions of the Bulgarian educational system together with the achievements of the world educational practice.

Foreign Languages Study
Bulgarian Language and Literature
Natural and Social Studies
Computer Education
Aesthetics, Artistics and creativity
Physical Education

Spiritual and Value Systems



What more do our students receive?

I: Doris Tenedi's teachers are a team of professionals, which all schools dream for. The team consists of many leading specialists from Sofia University 'Climent Ohridski', the National Academy of Sciences and from the elite schools in Sofia. The school has also attracted leading experts from all scientific fields, to work as consultants.

II: The possibility for personal planning of the education from preparatory class up to admissions in University. This possibility is determined by the original educational plan of the school and the flexible and individualistic tuition process. The personal planning is expressed in the possibility for a choice of type, volume and level of learning of foreign languages, in the choice of in-depth learning of specialized and free choice disciplines as a form of preparation for application to Universities.

III: Level of language preparation in compliance with the European language standards (CEFR) and acquisition of the European language portfolio (ELP).
Together with the in-depth general subject education the school guarantees the mastering of two languages of level C1, allowing adequate cross cultural communication in authentic situations and individual work with information; Also a third language on communicative level B1, B2.
In the process of education the students form linguistic skills, which allow them to acquire international certificates for foreign language (Pitman, FCE, CAE, DaF, TOEFL, SAT, DELE etc.)


IV: Bilingual Education in science and social disciplines. Bilingual education is applied in early educational level, and gradually goes into more depth in high school. The aim of the bilingual education is the formation of most favourable conditions for academic and social realization of students and fulfilling the requirements of the language certificates SAT-1, SAT-2 and DaF. The bilingual education is led by highly qualified teachers, mainly specialist from Sofia University and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


V: Maximum use of the potential of problem-solving education and scientific approach since early grades in the school.

The aim is by assigning of individual school tasks, the student to assimilate the scientific approach to work - from searching of information from all kinds of resources, through refinement and analysis of this information, to the individual processing of scientific text and its presentation.

By doing this we are aiming to develop the skills for individual work in students and to form elements of scientific thinking together with talent and initiative, which are all prerequisites for their further realization in life.

These are the fundamentals that Doris Tenedi School gives to its students more than any other school. By combining the different elements, each of which has its own benefits, we are leading our students towards their excellent performance and realization.

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