Phyisical Education and Development of Sporting Skills

The physical education and the development of sporting mastership of Doris Tenedi students is achieved in the PE and Martial Arts classes, it is also achieved by different out of class forms of sport activities. By teaching Physical Education we form the fundamentals of the physical culture in students. With specific resources of the physical education the students reach harmony of their intellectual, temperamental, aesthetical and working upbringing. After 5th grade the PE programme includes basic athletics disciplines, team games - volleyball, handball, basketball, football, tennis and badminton. The PE classes are aiming to form sustainable interest and habits in students by introducing individual or team games.

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Martial Arts

The education here includes theoretical and practical preparation, according to the age of students. In the early classes, students are directed towards their physical development by practicing marital arts like Judo, Karate and Ju-Jitsu.

The practical education includes the assimilation and mastering of the basic techniques, which is a ground base for student's future development in this field. The theoretical education is tightly connected to the practical skills and their application in different real life situations. Students learn how to react and act in these situations.

The method of teaching is the game method, which attracts students to participate and makes the class more desired and pleasurable.

The out of class forms of sports activities include: Winter ski school, Swimming, Tennis, Football and Martial Arts.

Ski School

The winter ski school continues for 5 school days and takes part in Vitosha Mountain, which is situated right next to Sofia. Qualified instructors, divide students into small groups depending on their skill. In the end of the 5-day training students take practical ski exam and are awarded Diplomas according to the level they achieved.



Swimming lessons are done once a week during the whole year. Qualified instructors lead the lessons.

If more than 50% of students desire to join the swimming lessons, it automatically becomes part of the normal educational process.


Football training is done outdoors once a week during spring and autumn seasons.

The school takes part in the organized sport competitions such as football mini tournaments and many other sport competitions between private schools. Individual performances are also encouraged in national tournaments and competitions.

The school is proud with its student's achievements in Skiing, Tennis, Swimming, Football, Gymnastics and Golf.


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