Development of value system in students

Doris Tenedi school lives with the intellectual, social and emotional necessities of its students. We aim to form strong, independent and spiritually rich personalities, confident in themselves, adaptive to the social necessities and democratic processes.

This development of student's value system is achieve through the educational process, which includes:

  • Iin depth familiarization with Bulgarian traditions;
  • Familiarization with Christian art as a main part of the European and World culture;
  • Formation of a feeling for a national and European identity;
  • Teaching students to tolerance towards human diversity.

On their own initiative and with the help of teachers and directors, Doris Tenedi students have developed wide charitable activity. They endow children without parents with food, clothing, toys and most of all with their spiritual help as friends.

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Spiritual and Value Systems



Combining national traditions with the values of other countries and nations

There is tradition in Doris Tenedi School for celebrating holidays and events, combining the national tradition with the customs of other countries and nations. While sustaining their own identity, students are familiarized with and experience other cultures and traditions, whose languages are learnt, so that they can feel comfortable when they are in other parts of the world.


Ceremony of the beginning of the school year

The most exciting celebration of all, especially for first graders, is the ceremony of the beginning of the school year. The ceremony is carried out in accordance with national Bulgarian traditions, giving special attention to those who are students for the first time.



Each year on the 31st of October the school is filled with joyful carnival. With songs and dance, parade of the costumes, cultural competition and competition for the scariest story, students and teachers are celebrating Halloween, touching the Anglo Speaking World - The Celtic' New year.

Christmas Celebrations

With immense excitement students are preparing their Christmas Concert. With songs and dances, and with hand made "Survachki" and "Pogacha" they meet with Santa Claus. Often this occurs in one of our winter resorts. On this day we organize big culinary exhibitions, prepared by students and parents.

The holiday is celebrated with the traditional for Bulgaria egg painting. Also students, teachers and directors prepare a charitable activity for this day.

Year Concert

The school year is ended with an impressive concert prepared and performed by students and teachers in the presence of parents and guests.

Official Ceremony of the Successful Graduation of Doris Tenedi students

On this Official ceremony, dressed in academic gowns, successfully graduated students receive their certificates for their secondary education in the presence of parents and many guests. Each graduate receives Honorable Certificate, and the outstanding students also receive the Gold Medal of Doris Tenedi. After the ceremony we organize garden party with food and drinks.

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