Computing education at Doris Tenedi School

The educational process includes all stages of computer training in a natural and user-friendly way - from the first touch to the advanced-user level. Our students encounter computers from the first grade. By amusing and educational games they gradually become familiar with a lot of useful techniques. Training and practice go hand in hand from the first class with the youngest to the last class in high school.

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The advantages of computer training at Doris Tenedi School include:

  • Early encounter with the computer - it fascinates the children
    A feeling of independence - it allows the children to experiment and create in various fields - writing, drawing, composing, studying, and playing.
  • The children are deeply impressed and start working in a way that stuns the adults. They shiver from excitement for being able to perform tasks, which seem very complex. Such positive emotions provide the students with psychological comfort when working with a computer as a tool.
  • This comfort, developed in childhood, has an extremely positive reflection on their future development and lives. The challenges of the information era do require self-confidence when using information technologies - a confidence achieved by Doris Tenedi students.
  • A great advantage of Doris Tenedi School computer training is its individuality. Each student has his/her own work place and has individual tasks, accustomed to his/her own interests and ambitions. By such a professional and natural way, Doris Tenedy students respond to the challenges of the information era.

The educational process in Doris Tenedi School integrates the early foreign language education and the early computer education. Therefore the language and computer literacy as components of modern communication competency mutually complement one the other and motivate in the process of learning. Learning foreign languages is a pre-requisite for informational exchange and using the informational technologies contributes to the better studying of the language.
The computer education in Doris Tenedy School is profound and in the same time has practical orientation. Students are assigned tasks that are feasible and consistent with their abilities, having clear practical character, which create strong motivation for their excellent implementation.

At the same time the 12-years period of education guarantees completeness and stability of the obtained knowledge and skills to a level of high professionalism.

The computer education in Doris Tenedy School passes through different stages consistent with the age particularities of pupils.

In the preschool, first and second grade, is the first meeting with the computer. The different games, training and didactic programs of English and Maths create the pleasant and the unique atmosphere of the courses.

In third and forth grade the education is directed to mastering of graphic and text possibilities of the PC. The pupils acquire skills for work with Microsoft Windows. In third grade arithmetic expressions by means of Calculator are calculated and geometrical figures in Paint are drawn and manipulated. In forth grade the basis of text processing using Microsoft Word is studied with a stress over the introduction and editing of text in Bulgarian and English.

From fifth to seventh grade the computer technologies for searching, acquisition, structuring and presentation of information are mastered. Local resources are mainly used and gradually are replaced by network resources. At this stage the pupils carry out independent projects and prepare reports and papers requiring collecting, structuring and presentation of text, graphic and audio-visual information of local and network source.

The education in eighth and ninth grade is directed to INTERNET technologies for acquiring and distribution of information. The implementation of independent projects connected to the exploitation mainly of network resources continues.

For students studying in the technological pathway, the education of IT and Informatics in 10th, 11th and 12th class is aimed at forming the students' professionalism in Web Design, Programming and Networking.

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