New perspectives in the education of Bulgarian Language and Literature

In the education of Bulgarian Language and Literature in Doris Tenedi School we account, that by mastering the richness of the Bulgarian literary language, students are introduced to the important socio-cultural factors, characterizing the Bulgarian. This aspect positions the literature and language culture as main strategy of the education of Bulgarian language in the school.

The students of Doris Tenedi School acquire profound knowledge of writing, speaking, grammar and style of the Bulgarian literary language, as well as skills of their use in different types of communication. The study of the language norms is organized in the context of the collective language use. The teachers take into account not only the linguistic characteristic of the language but also the conscious and unconscious choices that students make in their constant communication.

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Spiritual and Value Systems


On the basis of the compulsory educational program on Bulgarian language and literature the teachers are searching constant variety of teaching of the multiple areas of communication activities and widening the abilities for linguistic choice in socio-cultural context. The study of the grammar is fundamental but not the only component in the education of the students. Other fundamental components are:
  • Abilities for social communication interactions;
  • Socio-linguistic rules;
  • Knowledge on the adequate communication styles in situations;
  • Knowledge on structuring and organizing any text;
  • Speaking strategies and their importance in the communication.
This structure of education on Bulgarian language and literature in Doris Tenedi School is adapted to the conditions in which the students are learning one or two foreign languages in parallel with Bulgarian. This situation can carry a risk for interference between Bulgarian and other foreign languages. The solution is achieved through formation of abilities to compare the similarities of language situations and the different language codes, as well as the ability of the students to switch fast between the languages in situations of different communication activities. Through the education on Bulgarian language and literature the school is also motivating the students for self-expression and creation of own literature works, which results in many first places on municipal and national Olympics on Bulgarian language and literature.

All this stimulates the enrichment of educational and learning techniques and creates new perspectives for the chosen by Doris Tenedi School methodological strategy of education on Bulgarian language and literature.

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