spesifics lessons  

Language Preparation - structure:

  • Intensive English language teaching from preparatory grade to the end 7th grade. (Level B2)
  • Second language teaching on a communicative level from 5th to 7th grade. (Level B2)
    • English;
    • Spanish;
    • German;
    • Russian.
  • Intensive education of English and German language in 8th grade (preparatory for High school). (Level B2);
  • Specialized education in English or German as a first foreign language in high school (9th - 12th grade - Level C1).


Bilingual education:

  • From 1st grade in Music;
  • From 5th to 7th grade in mathematics and informatics;
  • From 9th to 12th grade in:
    • Mathematics;
    • Biology;
    • Chemistry;
    • History;
    • Geography;
    • World and Personality.


Language standards:

From 1st to 6th grade

  • Pitman – Elementary, Basic, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate;

За VII - VIII клас:

  • Cambridge FCE;

За IX - XII клас:

  • Cambridge – CAE, CPE; DaF; DELE;

  • Intensive education in mathematics and informatics from 5th class
  • Acquisition of in-depth and lasting knowledge in all general subjects.
  • Implementation of a specialized system for selection and stimulation of teachers with highest qualifications
  • Development of a communicative competence and skills in students for working with all type of informational sources from early age.

Innovations in Education

  • Business-qualification with diploma from the Technical University of Sofia;
  • Wide use of IT in the educational process;
  • Development of communicative competence from early age.

Care for All

  • Own original system for pedagogical diagnosis, control and evaluation of the knowledge;
  • Development of talents and initiative;
  • Forming of personal qualities for individual and team work;
  • Maximum usage of problem-solving education and usage of scientific approaches;
  • Specialized preparation for university education at home and abroad.

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