Doris Tenedi School works with original educational plans, which provide opportunity for multiple direction of development and choice of educational systems and programs, i.e. personal planning of the education from 1st to 12th grades.

To provide the best conditions for education and development of the students, Doris Tenedi School has limited admissions each year: Each year the schools admits one preparatory class (age of 6 years old - up to 8 children), one first class (age of 7 years old - up to 16 children), one English division after 7th grade ( up to 24 students) and one German division after 7th grade (up to 24 students)

The students admission in the school is organized through original tests developed by leading specialists from University of Sofia "Kliment Ohridski"
The education of the students in the primary school is full day, which guarantees enough time for effective education in two languages and development of educational habits, it combines teaching classes, self-preparation, sports and rest.

The education process in 7th grade is full day and in high school it is half day.

Doris Tenedi School places two main educational priorities - profound general knowledge education and intensive language education.

The school offers different options for language education, which differ in size and number of languages learned.
Since preparatory or 1st grade starts the English language education as first foreign language and continues till the end of school education in 12th grade. The education on second foreign language (Spanish, German, Russian) starts at 5th grade and also continues till 12th grade.

The students, which completed the first 7 grades in Doris Tenedi School, have two options:

  1. To continue the education of English language as first foreign language and of the second foreign language in the main education program. These students doesn't pass through 8th preparatory class of intensive language learning, but after passing the compulsory exams on main subjects continue in 9th grade of English Language High School "Doris Tenedi".
  2. To enter in the German Language High School "Doris Tenedi". In this case the students start to study German language as a first foreign language under the program for Language High Schools, continue to study English as second foreign language in the main education program and a third language (chosen in 5th grade).

New students enrolling after 7th grade in our German or English language high school are taught according to the educational plan of specialized language high schools, where they learn two foreign languages in their compulsory learning path.

Doris Tenedi School prepares the students and organizes examinations for international certificates for language level achievement (Pitman, Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, DaF, DELE etc.). The school has selected only the most renowned international certification organizations to provide a genuine benefit for the students. The educational plan is flexible, comprehensive, carrying a time reserve for module organization, which in turn provides interrelatedness and continuity of all educational levels.

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