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Regional Distinctions

Traditionally Doris Tenedi's students win prize places on the Christmas and Spring mathematical contests, organized by the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria.

On the second mathematical contest organized by the Regional Inspectorate and Ministry of Education and Science, we were declared the school with most prizewinners in the competition - 14 winners.

International Recognition
National awards


First place on the regional Information Technology Olympics in Sofia.

Fifty percent of the prizes of the Bulgarian Language and Literature Olympics in Sofia were won by Doris Tenedi students.

Doris Tenedi's students successfully pass the regional round of Olympics in Chemistry, Biology and Informatics and are qualified for the national rounds.


Academic Realization

97% of our students continue with their higher education in prestigious Universities in Bulgaria, USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Malta and others.

10% of them receive full scholarships based on their excellent results on the tests TOEFL, DaF and SAT.

Our students get successfully accepted and continue their education in Bulgarian Universities such as: Sofia University, Medical Academy of Sofia, Technical University, University for National and World Economy, New Bulgarian University.

Some students prefer to specialize in colleges before they undertake their University education. They choose international colleges in USA, Canada, Austria, Spain, Greece and New Zeland.


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